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G.C Foster College
of Physical Education & Sport

G.C Foster College
of Physical Education & Sport

Language Department


To foster the development of written and verbal communicative skills of students so that they will become critical thinkers and reflective practitioners who will use sound judgment in formulating ideas, sourcing and utilizing  information in the process of assuming responsible roles in society as world class teachers and sports and recreational professionals.

The department presently comprises  three individuals (Leodis Douglas, Avia Dobson and Yonae Donald) who are responsible for facilitating a number of courses to the entire college population (Degree and Diploma ). 

The courses are:

  • Communication Skills 1- first year degree
  • Communication Skills 2- second year degree
  • College English 2-second year diploma and post certificate
  • College English 3- third year diploma and post certificate
  • Foundations of Grammar 1- first year coaching,sports massage and fitness instruction
  • Communications- sports massage and fitness instruction
  • Foundations of Literacy Development- first year diploma and post certificate
  • Content Area Literacy- second year diploma, degree and post certificate


  1. To develop the literacy ( oral and verbal) competency of students  and staff at the institution
  2. To develop and publish  a relevant and appropriate language booklet for students’ use in the next academic year
  3. To effectively complete syllabuses for coaching, diploma and degree programmes
  4. To develop a culture of reading in the institution
  5. To organize a Language /English Day-  Staging of a play, readings, poetry competition etc.
  6. To design short courses aimed at developing verbal communicative competence especially for conducting media and job interviews.
  7. To review courses in a timely manner so that they will fall within the mission of the college to become a full degree granting institution.
  8. To establish a language room to address chronic literacy needs of students.