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G.C Foster College
of Physical Education & Sport

G.C Foster College
of Physical Education & Sport

Bachelor of Physical Education


G.C. Foster college offers a bachelor’s in education which is a 4 year Teacher Training Programme that covers eight (8) semesters or four years for students who wants to attend the college on a fulltime basis. Student opting for the part-time option will see the duration of the programme covering ten (10) semesters or 5 years. Our student graduates are prepared to teach at the Secondary Level of the Jamaican education system but with a specialization in Physical Education. It is similar to the programme pursued by students at other Teachers Colleges in Jamaica. Our courses are offered on blended modality which means that they can both be accessed on a face-to-face and online basis, which can provide some amount of flexibility.


Students will be properly equipped in preparing todays adolescents and teenagers for the future by helping to shape their minds and helping them improve critical thinking skills. As part of this programme students will create lesson plans and draft curriculums. These skills and more will be learnt and enhanced while completing the bachelor’s degree programme.

Core Courses

The programme includes courses in Education, Language Arts, Personal Development, Physical Education, Information Technology as well as practicum for second, third and fourth year of the practicum.


G.C. Foster College two-year Diploma

5 CXCs inclusive of English Language and one of the following subjects:

· Mathematics

· Physical Education

· A Biological Science subject



Programme Objectives

1. Acquire and apply detailed knowledge and understanding of the underlying values and principles of the curriculum in the education system.

2. Acquire and apply a conceptual understanding of the diversity of learners’ backgrounds and personalities of secondary level education students/ athletes.

3. Implementing relevant educational programmes.

4. Demonstrate the ability to uphold the ethics and professional codes of practice and the values of the teaching profession.


Year 1273,000.00433,000.00
Year 2288,750.00448,750.00
Year 3304,500.00464,500.00
Year 4367,500.00527,500.00