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G.C Foster College
of Physical Education & Sport

G.C Foster College
of Physical Education & Sport

ASc. Degree in Recreation & Sport (Coaching) Programme



The Associate Degree in Recreation & Sport (Coaching) is designed to harness the talents of men and women who are desirous of developing skills, attitude and knowledge at the entry-level of Physical Education and Sport. This two years programme aims to provide individuals with theoretical and practical training in the field of Sports and Science. 

The Programme is structured to ensure that graduates become lifelong, independent learners with critical thinking and communication skills that may be used to continue their studies within sports, health, education and science industry whether locally, regionally and internationally.

The Associate Degree in Recreation & Sport (Coaching) Programme is accredited by the University Council of Jamaica.

Career Opportunities 

Graduates can be qualified to work at the forefront of worldwide Sport, Physical Education and Science professions. Opportunities may exist in newly emerging Education Industry, Tourism, Physical Education, Health, Personal Training and various other specialist areas. 

Apart from an associate degree from our institution, students normally leave with:

  • Experience from practicum, voluntary jobs at local sporting events held by the institution or schools, associations and other entities.  
  • The institution also assists with job placement at the end of the programme. 
  • A network of past student’s association that will go on to succeed around the world. 

Graduates should be able to function at an entry level position in careers such as:

  • Physical Education Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Athletics Director
  • Athletics Coach
  • Head Coach
  • Fitness Coordinator.
  • Fitness Specialist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor



Full-time & Part-time

This is a two (2) year full-time programme offered over four (4) semesters with a specialization in various sporting disciplines (Football, Track and Field, Netball and Cricket).

Part-time option offered over 6 semesters.

Target Groups:

  • Persons who are now coaching various sporting disciplines without certification
  • Persons interested in coaching
  • Elite athletes

Entry Requirements:

  • Four (4) subjects at the C.X.C/G.C.E. inclusive of English Language.
  • 2 CXC’s and a background in representational sport
  • Mature Entry: Five (5) years of coaching
  • Special Entry: Elite Athletes



Year 1375,250.00189,000.00
Year 2349,000.00199,000.00

ASc. Degree in Coaching Programme Schedules