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G.C Foster College
of Physical Education & Sport

G.C Foster College
of Physical Education & Sport

ASc. Degree in Sport Fitness Instruction

The Wellness industry is growing rapidly worldwide and Fitness Instructors are integral for the proper functioning of any wellness programme. In Jamaica, there are many gymnasiums and fitness programmes for health conscious individuals, however, there are no formal training programmes to provide personnel to work at these gymnasiums. The Ministry of Health is presently embarking on Wellness at the community level. The Fitness Instructors will be the driving force for these community programmes.

Fitness Instructors or trained personnel who work in these areas must have the knowledge and skills to demonstrate exercises and to plan and implement programmes for individuals and sports participants at all levels.

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  1. Develop and implement a fitness plan for the low-risk population of all ages.
  2. Review exercise programmes for any member of the low-risk population.
  3. Develop and implement basic fitness programmes for individuals or groups.
  4. Plan and instruct group exercise classes.
  5. Plan and implement sporting activities to enhance the fitness level of the low-risk population.
  6. Identify clients with health risks and administer first-hand treatment.
  7. Develop exercises for clients with chronic conditions in health clinics under the guidance of the medical practitioner.

Entry Requirements

4 CXCs inclusive of English Language and one of the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • A Biological Science subject


Mature Entry

  • Persons with training approved by the relevant professional body or with 2 years working experience in a related field. 


Duration & Certification:  This is a two-year programme however, participants may choose to pursue one year for which a Certificate will be awarded.

Residential Non-Residential
Year 1 370,000.00 210,000.00
Year 2 375,250.00 215,250.00