The collection consists of books, pamphlets, journals, studies, newspaper clippings and photocopied material in vertical files. Materials are selected to supplement a largely physical education and sports oriented curriculum. There are, however, representative titles for each body of knowledge.

Materials are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. They are divided into four basic sub collections. These are:

GENERAL LOAN [GL]: These books can be borrowed for up to two weeks. They have white spine labels. Once a GL book is not in demand, or on reserve by another member, extensions can be made for a maximum of one month.

RESERVED/OVERNIGHT [RO]: These books are labeled with an orange label. They consist of books that are heavily used for curriculum support. They are available for overnight and weekend loans, and can be borrowed from 2pm Mondays to Thursdays and from 12:00noon on Fridays and Saturdays, once the library is open.

REFERENCE [R]: These materials are marked with green tag. They can be consulted in the library. It includes encyclopedias, dictionaries thesaurus and other such books.

RESERVED MATERIALS COLLECTION [RMC]: These are displayed in display cabinets and include series/journals/periodicals & pamphlets. Back issues are stored on shelves in the library in the fiction section. You must ask library staff to gain access to these magazines and pamphlets, which must be used only in the library.