Welcome to the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport Library and Information Centre. We remain committed to enhancing your information experience. Thus, we want to encourage all members of our community to visit us virtually or in person to discover our collections, to be awed by their splendor, and above all to use them.

Our library is a worldwide leader in the dissemination of knowledge through our remarkable specialized research collections, outstanding services, innovative technologies, and exceptional  staff.  Our Library Gateway is designed to provide a multitude of resources, both print-based and electronic, as well as to offer detailed information about our ongoing services.

We will continue our commitment to collecting materials, but are redoubling our efforts in making these materials discoverable, usable and accessible to faculty, researchers and students. Input from thoughtful faculty and students have been drivers in most of the above initiatives, and the staff of the G.C.F.C library has shown great resolve in making these things not only possible, but also real. 

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, visit our Virtual reference service or our physical reference desk, where library staff members are happy to help with your research needs.


Jollette Russell (Mrs.)

College Librarian